-  Self-Care Based Approach  -

Through coaching we work to achieve satisfaction in each of the following

'7 Pillars of Self-Care'...

 Spiritual Wellness 

 The path to peace and love 

Physical Wellness

Good health and beauty

 Contribution & Fulfillment 

 Make your mark on this world 

Mental Wellness

Growth & a sound mind



Feeling Connected & Supported


Create, Express, Relax, Enjoy

 Money & Time 

 Resources for life to the fullest 

Life is YOURS... take charge.

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Workout Split!



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The Total



w/ Laura Annette

"After MUCH trial and error, I achieved results in every area of my life... This program is the best of what I discovered."

  • If you are having a tough time starting your weight loss journey...

  • If time has become an issue and you want something simple and effective...

  • If you've hit a plateau and you need a boost or a jumpstart...

  • If you've grown bored with your old routine and want to try something new...

  • If you're tired of being out of shape and  desire change...

  • If you're truly ready for your next level...

... then this challenge is for you.

The time is


Step into your truth,

Let your best self shine!

What You Get

-Full workout routine

  • 30 minute workout videos for each day of the week (designed for home, can be done in the gym)

  • Each video is dedicated to slimming and toning a specific area of the body

    • Lower Body HIIT​

    • Upper Body Tone

    • Core Fat Blast

    • Booty Builder

    • Total Body Fat Burn

    • Active Recovery


*Routine made for those who want to achieve and maintain a curvy but fit physique.

-Meal Plan & 'Cook book'

  • Carb and meat conscious menu

  • Follow along cooking videos for every meal

  • 22 delicious recipes

Bonuses & Exclusive Extras

-Bonus Videos

  • 10 Minute Abs

  • Full Body Stretch

  • Tasty Snack Ideas

  • What To Expect (Welcome video)

  • Staying On Track

  • Lasting Change

-Reprogramming & Inner Transformation Print-Outs

  • Fantasy Transformation Prompted Journal

  • Countdown Calendar with Powerful Affirmations for each day


-Unlimited Email Support

-CASH Prize Contests


My Story In Self-Care

Trusted Life Coach

The passion I have for helping women to bring forth the absolute BEST version of themselves through self-care started with a journey of my own. In 2015 I found myself in an unfamiliar place; I didn't recognize the girl staring back at me in the mirror. Where I used to see a strong and beautiful young lady, sure of what she was doing and where she was going, now stood a woman lost and confused. I had dedicated the last few years of my life to giving time, efforts, and energy to things I was no longer passionate about, and I took paths that OTHERS said would be best for me. As I tried to live a life that would look good on paper, I ended up walking this world as a shell of myself. It may have looked alright from the outside but on the inside I was fed up.

After 2 years of intentional self-work, where I decided to say, "F everybody" (In a loving way of course, lol!), my life totally changed. I lost 50+ pounds, moved to a new city, started a new career, and surrounded myself with a whole new circle of friends, family, and associates. I started to live as my true self! Now, through Take Care with Laura Annette, I have been able to touch the lives of over 300,000 women who are looking to reveal their best life. I live each day in passion and purpose, helping women like me who are READY to remove the inner and outer blocks that stand in the way. Whether it's romantic relationships, social relationships, career & professional goals, health and fitness goals, financial, spiritual, family, or just plain goals of having fun and enjoying life, together we create a plan that uncovers the most authentic version of self and presents a step-by-step road map to living the dream life. I would love to hear what the dream life means to you. Reach out and schedule your first session today.


2021 is here!

Address the root issues & end this BATTLE

against yourself.

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“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

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